Saturday 6 August 2016

Blogging in general, and a new project

It's been a long time since I wrote here. In the past few months, I have moved across the country, and helped four other people do the same. It is exhausting and tiring but so rewarding to improve not only my own life but the lives of others by sharing in new experiences.

Enough of that, though. I am starting up a new Linux distribution, titled Adélie Linux, aimed at being very fast, very small, and fully POSIX® compliant. It's almost meeting those three goals! Going forward, I think I will be starting a new blog specifically about my adventures with Adélie, which will probably take up a considerable amount of my writing time. This blog will stay around, though, not only for memories past but for non-Adélie related things in my life. I am still interested in Python, writing emulators, music, and other general geekiness; I just now have a new project that is taking up a large amount of my free time.